The goal of our Academy is to make it accessible and free to anyone who wants to participate. There will be upgrades available for rosters and players who persevere and succeed, as well as free resources such as coaching and matchmaking.


Members of the Academy will be able to trade in their time in for benefits; merch, coaching sessions, classes, and more!

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Integrants will be led through a training regiment and routine where they will be tested in the basic mechanics as well as mental aspects of the game. They will have to pass the exams in each category in order to get certified and receive their compensation.


Our formation is based on recruiting, supporting, maintaining, and achieving eligibility for all of our players. We are not only interested in professional players; we also want coaches, managers, student players, and anything in between. We plan to provide extra-curricular classes to help give our integrants form.


Drop into our digital community on discord and find out more about how you can participate. We are constantly growing and trying to find new ways of contributing to those who want to grow in their field.