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Our Academy Coaches can earn money by achieving certification and qualified coaching status. True Neutral certifies our coaching with internationally recognized STEM certification as well as access to exclusive training and resources.





What You’ll Do

  • You will help form, contain, and retain a full roster in your esport title of choice.

  • You will take specialized training in order to achieve certification in STEM and Social and Emotional Learning teaching.

  • You will follow a generalized curriculum that covers all topics deemed important by True Neutral in the training of the Academy players. 

  • You will adapt your own personal touch and coaching style to your team and teachings.

  • You will research opponents and develop gameplans to play against them while educating your team. 

  • You will identify underlying technical issues and inconsistencies in individual or team playing mechanics and gameplay. 

Who You are

  • You do not want to be just an ordinary coach, you want to reach your highest potential and develop your coaching style. 

  • You are competitive, you are looking to always find that one step forward without taking any backwards.

  • You are open to feedback, both by other coaches, your own players, and the community. You understand that tactics and coaching are not always an exact science. 

  • You want your team to not only excel on the digital pitch, but also in their lives, relationships, and schoolwork/job.  

  • You can recognize when certain players may need special attention or needs and can identify the proper steps to take in order to provide this. 

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