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Choose Your Academy

Let's get organized...

  • Scholar Academy

    Every month
    Level up your game with structured training and evaluation.
    • Training Courses
    • Training Workshops
    • Execution Videos
    • Explained Game Concepts
    • Academy Hub Community
    • Pro Player Demonstrations
    • Final Course Evaluation
    • Completed Course Certification
  • Flex Academy

    Every month
    Perfect for teams or players wanting a proven system.
    • Scholar Academy content
    • Dedicated moderator
    • Assigned coaching team
    • Personalized training homework
    • Professional replay analysis
    • Social and emotional learning workshops
    • Communication training and call outs
    • Organized scrims
    • Tactical and strategic instruction
    • Certificate of completion and letter of recommendation
    • Official True Neutral jersey upon completion
    • Pro Player Demonstrations
  • Academy Coach

    Perfect for individuals who want learn to manage players.
    Valid for 6 months
    • Team formation
    • Dedicated coaching supervisor
    • SEL instruction
    • STEM certification
    • Replay analysis
    • Tactics and strategy
    • Training tools
    • Planning and management
    • Certificate and recommendation upon completion
    • True Neutral official jersey and Coach Polo upon completion
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