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Take Your Rocket League Game to the Next Level with our Training Academies

Helping players reach their potential without sacrificing other aspects of their life and gaining valuable social, emotional, and 21st century skills

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We understand that every Rocket League player has unique skills and strengths that can be developed with the right guidance and training. That's why we've designed our Rocket League Training Academies with a player-focused approach that helps individual players and teams improve their gameplay, adapt to their teammates, and prepare for competitive tournaments.


For individuals

Our Scholar Academy is perfect for players who want to improve their individual skills and climb the ranks. With personalized coaching, tailored training, and a supportive community, your child can hone their mechanics, sharpen their strategies, and increase their rank in accordance with their skill level. Our experienced coaches will work with your child on a monthly basis to optimize their practice time and help them reach their full potential.


For Teamplay

For players who want to to grow as part of a team, our Flex Academy provides the ideal environment for teamwork, communication, and adaptive as well as individual growth. Your child will learn to discover their main playstyle while adapting to others, improving their mechanics, and preparing for league or competitive tournaments. Our coaches will guide your child and their team to success, focusing on teamplay and communication, as well as individual mechanics and adapting to others.


For Future Coaches

For those who aspire to coach, our Academy Coach program offers comprehensive certification and preparation. With our six-month mandatory program, you will learn how to guide players to competition, and have the opportunity to gain STEM and SEL certification, as well as a True Neutral Academy certification and letter of recommendation. Our coaching and management staff will guide you through the program, set you up with a team, and guide them to help their players reach a top 16 RLCS experience or improve their skills sufficiently to attempt this feat.

With our expert guidance and supportive community, you can steadily grow without wasting time, getting frustrated, and without lacking direction, no matter what level you are starting from.

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